Red Dogwood Osier cuttings

Will the larger cutting on the left survive?

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RDO Cuttings 2.jpg
I planted some RDO cuttings this spring - after planting about 12 cuttings off 4 plants I had planted a couple years ago, I stumbled across a nice clump growing in the ditch a few miles away, so I grabbed some larger cuttings and stuck them in the ground a week later - probably around 4/15.

You can see the smaller cutting on the right and the larger cutting on the left. I know it's way bigger w/ more branches than you should start a cutting, but I figured I wasn't out anything if they didn't grow.

Both were stuck in a boggy area and have looked good so far. Most of the smaller cuttings look like the one on the right (most are in tubes). Most of the larger cuttings didn't leaf out and are not going to make it, but a couple look like the one on the left.

Wondering if the large cutting will get roots fast enough or will eventually wither away.
When planting cuttings, the cutting should be at least pencil thick and planted so that 2/3rds are in the ground. If the cutting transpires more moisture than young roots can uptake, the cutting will die. Whether one particular cutting will grow is not known and depends on any number of factors, so gather and plant lots of cuttings and win the numbers game.
I had an mulberry seedling that my dad snipped off thinking it was a weed. I grabbed it, stuck in the ground and 2 months later it is still going. If the area stays moist, survival rate increases, but that is a lot of top growth to support. I would cut the top growth above 2 or 3 leaves to increase survival chances. Look something like this