Ready to TILL/Plant!!


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Just showing off how great my new sprayer works! Can't wait to get some seed in the ground next weekend.

These will all be put into some type of LickCreeks Grain Mix. (Oats, Rye, Wheat, Clover, a little bit of brassica)

1/2 acre plot

1 acre plot... A strip of beans were planted by the Box blind in the back of picture but they are struggling

1/4 acre plot

And our 1/5 acre clover plot needs a clipping but doing ok.
Looks great. What kind of sprayer and what mix did you use in it?

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I used a 25 gallon Fimco tow behind with my Polaris. We mixed a heavy dose of 41% Gly (probably too heavy but better safe than sorry)

Seed in the ground before a little bit of overnight rain. Should be awesome!

Also trying something new this year. We put a "Tree-coy" within bow range in 3 of our plots. I hope they hold up to the buck activity!

Anyone have any luck with these?
Been raining every day for a week or more in East Texas. I need to do some spraying in prep for discing, but looks like several more days before I can. I have two different places to spray and disc and another to mow and disc before I can plant. The rain is killing me, but I ain't griping about it. I still remember the drought of 2011 !