Rambo Apple


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Lately I have been nerding out on genealogy research. Traced a line of my maternal grandfather back to Peter Rambo that first planted this tree in the US in the early 1700's. Anybody have one or experience with one? Also know as the winter Rambo according to Wikipedia.

Yes It's a rare tree that is troubled and misunderstood. It's a tough tree that cannot be killed. Attempts to prune or eradicate usually end up with the police station on fire and the gas station exploding. Best to leave it alone and just let it do it's thing.

Sorry couldn't resist.
The Rambo Apple tree is also known to routinely show up in sequals on your property, each version a little worse than the last.
Sorry, that was too easy. Actually I have never heard of it. Wikipedia gives the reasons why most likely, see below. Just better options out there which is probably why you don't routinely see it.

"The Rambo belongs to the era when people bought apples from local suppliers and grew apple trees in their backyard. Even a hundred years ago, the Rambo was not widely grown commercially. There were several reasons that it was considered to be unmarketable. It did not have bright coloring. Its productivity was inconsistent. It did not have a long storage life. It was too tender for shipping long distances."
Oh if you boys don't think I told the kids that Rambo was named after one of our ancestors you'd be mistaken. What I didn't think of is neither one of my kids know who Rambo is! The wife wasn't impressed either. I found a couple of places on line that offered the Winter Rambo variety. One claimed a late September drop time.
Check out the temperate orchard conservancy their apple list has several rambos on it. Rambo, Rambo red, Rambo striped, Rambo summer, and Rambo winter. Might be worth emailing them and seeing if they know anymore information. If you graft they might have scions available next year.