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anyone planting forage radish (not ground hog, I've got a good feel for the +/- of groundhog)?

Farmers are planting radish and winter wheat for cover crops and I've noticed they seem to attract a lot of deer

It's so wet I don't have my corn in yet, look for options.
Yes, GH is a daikon radish. Just sold under different names. I've planted GH radishes, Sodbuster Radishes, and a generic daikon radish. They all did great. Forage was so-so (but all brassicas are in my area). They all produced tons of forage and huge tubers.
I planted a forage radish in the past---can't remember the variety. Makes more greens and less root. Didn't really make sense to me. Dwarf Essex rape serves the same purpose, grows just as well, and is a lot cheaper.
^^^^^ I agree. I planted Daikon and the deer ate the leaf before it had chance to tuber. Too expensive to watch that happen long before winter sets in. Rape and turnips much more cost effective and last thru hunting season and into Feb with the tubers.