Question. How long after a deer expires does the venison go bad?


Obviously this question depends on various conditions. The biggest being the outside air temperature. Let's take a realistic example from where I am in SC. Our season began on August 15th and since that time, the "feels like" temperatures has been 90 degrees and above. Let's say I shoot a deer in the morning, 7am, and don't recover it for another 12 hours. And, let's say I'm one of the many hunters that never guts their deer (let the processor do it). Is the venison still good or would it depend?

Maybe I'm just trying to get a feel for what things to look for when determining good or bad?
The "it depends" part in your example is at what time did that deer actually expire after the shot
11 hours in 90+ degrees would most likely be bad. I sure wouldn't want to risk it anyway.
I would think in 90 degree heat with its organs and guts still inside and it not being skinned, 12 hours is probably really pushing it. With it being gutted and skinned, it would be more on the safe side after 12 hours but still in the heat and humidity its not the safest I would imagine
I wouldn't eat a deer that took me 12 hours to find in our SC heat. Our local processor won't take it if it's been dead more than a couple of hours.
Someone asked me this question today and I realized I really didn't know the answer. Fortunately, I haven't lost a deer in 30 years and that was in NY State. I guess it's kind of a judgment call but two to three hours in our heat seems like a good rule of thumb.
In that kind of heat I would say 3-4hrs would be the limit for me. I gut immediately when I walk up on a kill. I have really never understood the whole leave the guts in it longer than need be approach. If it is above 50 degrees it gets boned out immediately when I get home. Or if I had enough refridgeration put into that.
I also won't eat after 12 hrs of 90 degree temps. I gut at kill site or close to it. Clean it up and ice it down with frozen milk jugs or ice bags if not going to butcher. If it's in the 20's or so I'll let hang over night in the shed.
I would want to get it gutted out a soon as possible in 90 degree heat. I think 12 hours would definitely be pushing it.
A guy back home lets his hang from MO November rifle season till March and they looked dark purple to black, he's been doing that for years and still alive.

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12 hours at 90


I track and recover deer a day or two after they expirer. Last year one hunter shot a deer in in the evening and I recovered it just before Sunrise, yet the processing plant wouldn't take it, even though the weather was cool, and I believe that was wrong! I shot a buck in the morning and didn't recover it until that afternoon, and had to talk the processing plant into taking it, so they condescended and they saved it for last, so it wouldn't contaminate other meat. That deer was fine, and there was no difference in taste from other deer.

If deer aren't promptly recovered I recommend saving the legs and back strap, without gutting the deer. Then smell the meat. The meat will be cooked, so flavor is the question. Most countries don't have the luxury of pristine meat, which is why meat spiced... Chli comes to mind.
Never really considered myself lucky to live in the cold - but this is a good example. Most upstate NY nights in October are 30s or 40s. We can let them go overnight most of the time (but still have coyotes to worry about). If it was 90s here - Id be freaking out if past an hour or two.