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Go to Fiskars website and study their offerings because their steel, designs, handle options and leverage multipliers (part of the design I suppose) ....and figure out what you need .... different designs are for cutting different sizes as well as green vs dead ...I use the Fiskars and really really appreciate their leveraged cutting ability with my rebuilt shoulders ....event their cheaper "Big Box" offering is superior to the average pruner

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I've had a pair of Felco's for 40 yrs. I've only replaced one handle spring in all that time. And I've used them a lot. Can't believe I've never lost them(permanently).
Lol swat. I looked for Fimco on Amazon and got 0 results. That explains why. Ended up buying a brand called Gonicc. They had good reviews and were $18. If they are junk I’ll take a look at the Felco brand.
I read reviews on different ones which lead me to some swiss company, only 180 for a small handheld set :p I like having a set for snipping small branches on trees and shrubs but all my home depot ones break after a season or so, thanks for the recommendations ill do some lookin into them!
I keep a pair of cheap ones in the side by side, the tractor and the pickup for those times when I need one and didn't bring my favorite which is the Felco. There are several styles;I use the model 5 and like it. It is the only Felco I have bought. As you can see, it is Swiss made but is still pretty reasonable. It is a very serious cutting tool. I buy from Forestry Suppliers and am happy with them. They often send me a ten percent off coupon or a free shipping coupon. Here is the link on their site to their Felco pruners. pruners
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The ones i ordered from Amazon already showed up. Appear to be very similar to the Felco’s and have a 1” cutting capacity. Time will tell how they hold up. Appear to be much better than the Hunters Specialty ones I have.



Felco #2 is the standard that a lot of the nurseries use.

I prefer the #4 felco though. Slightly smaller in the handle.

Ars is also used with shears and some long reach pruners
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I looked into ars but replacement blades are hard to find and super expensive, i think ill try the felcos, thinking f11s maybe
Just a warning. If you EVER prune an apple or pear tree that has fireblight with shears, you will NEVER get the fireblight off them and will spread it to every other tree you prune. EVEN if you soak your shears in pure bleach for a week. Trust me.
Good to know, hopefully dont run into that! I ordered the f11 felcos since replacement parts were easy and cheap for those, we shall see late this winter how they work