Pruning Crabapple and Pear


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I was going to ask this question on Yellowdog's thread about pruning in winter but didn't want to hijack the thread. Do you guys prune crabapples or pears? I have a fair number of apples that I struggle to keep pruned. Not enough time for all my projects and hobbies. I am planting crabapples, planted some dolgos last year, and thought about some pears. A big reason is not having to prune them. I have pretty much figured it isn't worth it with pears, what about crabapples? Anything to be gained?
I do prune my crabapples, but i am not meticulous like i am with a dwarf tree on a trellis, for example.
What i tend to look for are big branches (2-3" diameter) where one shades another. And, i like to keep large diameter limbs out of the top of the tree, but that might be overthinking it for a crab. Sometimes my crab pruning is done with a chainsaw, if that tells you anything.:)

Ive seen some crabs on this thread that were loaded. And i am not sure they had ever been pruned.