Prowl h2o spot spraying


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Does anyone here spot spray with Prowl H2O? I’m going to spray a sweet corn garden. I’ve read the label but can’t find anything about spot spraying...
I used it once in a mix that Paul Knox recommended to spray around tree seedlings
I will look for recipe
I remember it being very thick and difficult to mix.. Kept "gumming up" the back pack sprayer

Also be prepared for some long lasting orange staining on what ever it gets on. I use it for preemergent in my corn and bean plots and around my trees and miscanthus and it works well.
Since its a pre emergent spot spraying is probably not mentioned. We spray it at 2.6 qts per acre which would be 1.9 oz per 1000 sq ft. or aprox. 1.9 oz per gal out of a backpack. That is what is called the split rate, we do it twice at a 6-8 week interval. That is in Oklahoma though so you may need to see if thats the same where you are.
Cap'n. if your using 2.6 qrts an acre prowl h2o you are a bit over the max recommended on label. 2 quarts is max from what I've read on corn. Some other crops can have more, some fruit trees especially. Not telling you how to take care of your own but I just wanted to get info out that the label has stated for corn.

Also as I read it the corn seed has to be completely covered approx. an inch and a half otherwise apply after emergence.

Cutman, here is the label I refer to for prowl h2o
Thanks, guys. I’ve read the label twice and still not sure what I’ll do. The corn is already emerged. My current plan is to cultivate manually then spray between the rows then water it in. ‍♂️