Protex tree tubes?

Hard to beat the price of any of the heights offered. They are running at about 1/2 the price of the three different varieties I have purchased. The reviews are good on the website too. But at first glance from the picture, my first thought is you get what you pay for....
I have used mainly Tubex brand tubes and I have had no issues after 5-6 years in Minnesota winters and summers. I have begun to reuse the tubes for new seedlings. My #1 recommendation is go with 5'+ tubes if you have deer browse issues. Anything 4' and under mine get hammered.
I bought some tubex off spec tubes. They are only 3 ft long but for slow growing trees like Bur oak and Post oak that will be fine. For Chestnuts I will cage after they exit the tube.
52 / 3 ft. tubes $79.95
Since they come it a pack of 4 per tube the inside tubes are a little smaller than the outer tube. this would make it easy to extend the length by pulling the interior tube out as far as you need and then fastening it with zip ties.
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I put up 50 of them last year. I also put up 50 miracle tubes.
Miracle tube is a far superior product. No assembly. Ready to use. Reusable zip ties in place. Sturdy construction. But they are much more expensive!

Protex will require you drill holes through them to allow air circulation. You will then have to form the tube by hand and use your own zip ties in 3 places to keep the tube closed. Then use a couple more of your own ties to fasten to the stake.

My protex (4ftrs) have performed well. A few crumbled for whatever reason. They are in floodground and were covered 2X last spring. Most are just as upright as the day i installed them. Sometimes they "dent",but i dont see that as a terrible fault. All miracle tubes seem to have done great..

I have a few 3 foot protex out as an experiment on tiny pines. The small sizes did great. And pines survived in them!

I will buy more miracle tubes this year, but if $ was a major issue, id go with more protex. Maybe after 2 years of installation my opinion will change. But thats what ive experienced thus far.