Protecting windbreaks FROM fire....

Last year we bought a new farm with a large stretch of windbreaks. These windbreaks get close to all of our outbuilding and our house. They have been extremely unmanaged. The cedar rows are around 10'-20 feet apart now and trees are 30+ feet tall.
Lately with the extremely dry weather I have even thinking alot about fire. Infact a neighbor about 10 miles north lost his windbreak to a fire last night.
I am going to electric fence off some areas and let my cows in there to clean up the grass/thatch around the trees. I am thinking do it again late summer and have them eat it down to dirt. After a frost or two spray under trees with Gly to kill off the smooth brome.
I am thinking of frost seeding clover around the trees but thinking maybe green herbaceous broadleaf between the rows would add some fire protection during the summers but still allow cover in the fall.
Another option might be strip discing between the trees? Thoughts?
If those catch fire the windbreak will be the least of your worries if close to any buildings.I would say if a 30ft cedar catches fire it will damage a structure within at least 60 ft.Depending on layout you may want to start new row and move them back or trim up from bottom.I would do soil test before planting clover