Prospects 2022


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Initial card pulls from a few cameras haven’t shown me much to look forward to this season as all I was seeing were some young bucks. Couple their ages with the drought we are having and headgear doesn’t amount to much. However….:) I’m a guy that doesn’t obsess over antlers, I just like to kill the older deer. On a small place, sometimes that’s a 4.5 year old buck, especially if it’s late in the season. I like venison, in fact, the only beef we buy are grilling steaks. All our ground is deer and our round steak is too.
That brings me to a buck that I haven’t seen in a couple years but I had quite a few pics of him when I pulled cards today. I went to our lease to see if I got a good kill on the young pigweed that I sprayed last week, (I did), and pulled the card while I was there. I’m sure this is the same buck I watched two years in a row and his antlers don’t get any better. He’s a mature buck though and if I get a chance I’ll be triple tenderizing his round steaks and backstraps !3F4C7189-A14E-453D-BDF9-D045A57FACEA.jpeg7F7E9488-6FE1-416B-A0BF-0F330AF1A3B4.jpeg
I have a big old deer I am after. I think he is at least five and maybe six. Three years now of camera history. He has been a 4 pt the last three years. Big, old bruiser for here.

Cat, he’s surely that old. Look at that neck and his square body. Shoulders are as big as his hips, all the signs of an old buck. Tenderize him well ! :D
I got a Buck we call Loppy because one ear is lopped off like maybe a Yote got to him when he was younger. 2018 when we got the lease I figured him for 3 rs old, compared to the other Bucks his Body was way bigger.

Got pics of him each year in 2018-19-20-21. Never got a Daylight Pic of him.

IF he made it thorugh last year (haven't pulled the cards yet) he's got to be around 6-7 years old. Probably why I never get a Daylight Pic.
Bill Winke said a couple times that when bucks get older they move more in daylight. Maybe on his farm they do, but it’s been my experience that one day they are just gone.