Processing gut shot deer


My first gut shot deer. Angling away, rear ribs through lungs but also some guts.

Rinsed him out. But still got specs of corn on legs. Just cut away?

Layer on stomach after I gut. Hung by head for a few hours after washed out. Then flipped him head down.

I haven't butchered in about 10 years, self taught.

He is froze solid now unfortunately too.
If you got to it quick enough and washed it out you might be ok. Your nose should be the final judge. Good chance shoulder and back strap ok . You just got to wade in and sniff as you go.
I try to wash most of it off the back hams. What don’t wash off I trim off because you will taste it in the meat. I always feed the inner loins to the dogs on gut shot deer.
I may bring to butcher I like. $75. He is frozen and not going to warm up. If I get one in back yard, I'll butcher it right away.

I want to butcher one cause I want the practice. Want to get better at it. S r lf taught. Just start quartErin a cutting. But with you tube, I'd like to try and identify cuts.

Put a pulley in barn at home to work on one. At camp it's standing in snow. 30s or less since I shot it. So I not spoiling.
Didn't smell bad when I gutted it. I shot through rear ribs to front of ribs. Not the guts but it blew corn all over.

Gutted within 20 minutes. He went right down. Should have been less but pics and texts. Nice 8, for me.

Never made this shot before, but I am going to be bringing 45 70 out again. With 30 06 unless neck, always ran a bit. I hunt in heavy bush. 100 yards feels like 1000.

Chasing a doe, never stopped. I though I was busted cause doe ran by me.
If I have any gut contact, arrow or bullet, I just skin and quarter, and don’t gut. All you lose is the tenders and it’s much less stinky.
If I have any gut contact, arrow or bullet, I just skin and quarter, and don’t gut. All you lose is the tenders and it’s much less stinky.

Even with a gut shot, if the gut shot is low enough, you can reach in and grab the tenders as the last step. That way if your gloves get gutted up, you just know you are done. They are pretty easy to grab. I have not brought a deer out of the woods for a good 10 years now. I like leaving the carcass out there. Less to get rid of back home.
Unthawing in barn. Like I said, was not that big of mess. Didn't smell, just corn all over.

I have desire to quarter a deer on my knees, when I got machines to get it out. To each their own, I guess I am just an old man, before my time.
Anything that has corn anything on it, I would cut it off and a little more as soon as it thaws enough. The way I would think about it is that corn was covered in acid and that acid is leeching into your meat.

I too do the smell test after that.

Not being able to thoroughly wash everything with that cold of temps sure makes things tough.

Best of luck to you.
I rinsed it when I got back to camp.

The shot was in the ribs. Farther back then I like, but not all the way back. Will see how it is. Hopefully not as gut shot as some. Smelled fine when gutting.
Eating tenderloins as I type this. I should have cut them out right away. Outside was dry. I soaked in water for couple hours. Never did that before. Used more butter than usual too. No onion, just season salt.

I am happy. Taste like a deer I just shot.

I think I got lucky in the hit, and gutted right away. Couple hours later I washed out. Entered rear ribs, going forward.

Maybe a bit of "gamey taste" on certain bites. Maybe I am just looking for it. Certainly would not throw away. I am in fron butchering. While I washed up, I smell.

What does suck, is it hit backstrap on one side, and big bloody hole.

Some people woud have passed on the shot maybe, But around here, you are happy to deer, especially 8s. Not saying people don't get them, they are out there. But you don't wait for him to come back tomorrow either.
One different thing for me, was his neck was all ruffled out. He was chasing does. I thought they busted me. But he was 10 seconds behind. Was fun. Over around a minute.

Also broke in my new 1895, with handloads. Which is another discussion. Pentration vs expansion.