Podcast on wind sportsmen’s nation


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I figured I’d share a podcast I was on that might be of interest. I’ve got a few more lining up on various topics. I wish I could have dove more into specifics but time was limiting, you can learn a little about me as well.

This is not intended to be a shameless plug!


If you want to follow more podcast I am doing my handle is on Instagram @whitetail_landscapes

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Ive been a wind fanatic for quite a few years and consider myself to be above average when it comes to actually understanding it, but that podcast right there is one every hunter should hear...especially the guys that say "I just hunt the wind". Do they really have a clue what forces effect wind behavior?
Thank you for that Jon.
I can't say I knew who you were but I certainly do now.
I'm interested in learning more from you.
Thanks for the nice words. Obviously there is a lot more to what I explained in the podcast I’m going to do a magazine article or two around this topic this year. Really appreciate people listening.... my business of property design is just starting to take off. However I will say there are people on this forum that know a lot and we each have our focus points, and I’m constantly learning from folks on this forum.

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