I'm working on a new food plotting resource, looking for feedback


Hey guys, this is a bit of a plug for myself. I've recently launched a website (www.plottersedge.com) to help capture a lot of the basics around food plotting. I've set it up to try to easily categorize plotting topics, as well as be interactive for users so they can submit pictures, content, their own blog posts, etc. I'm also adding tools (area measurement, etc.) to add utility to the site.

Over time I'm planning to add more advanced plotting topics, as well as habitat management and fruit tree sections. I just made the site live, so am looking for some feedback on the structure, etc. Let me know what you think! You can also get a flavor on our facebook page.
Checked out your site Hunter Dan, it's off to a good start. It worked quickly on my outdated and slow lines computer.The concept of the value added thru the info on your site is a nice customer benefit. You sure do have a wide though targeted inventory. Best of luck to you with it.
Nice clean site - I didn't dig too deep, but everything had a crispness to it, if you know what I mean.

Need to get some bloggers (experienced plotters and habitat guys) and some traffic and you will be set!
Thanks j-bird, and appreciate the input! I'm looking to add a section on apples for wildlife next, since that's in my wheelhouse. Then am going to see what I can do for additional depth. I like the idea of experienced plot / habitat bloggers. Right now I have the option for user submitted info, but it's not as formal and trustworthy. Thanks!
Wow. What an exciting adventure you've started. I am impressed

You could take this so many ways - turnkey food plots, consulting, etc

If you could team with a local feed mill I'd add non BoB seed and more advanced options on equipment to cover more than beginners. If you can get some products that everyone needs every year - like find old corn and beans I bet you could get more consistent business. I get them for $10/bag from the pheasant association. I bet you could sell it for $20 if you could find a source
I also visited the site last night, starting to look good.
As a fairly new newbe to food plotting, I have a great thirst for recipes (mixes) for different times of the year.
This maybe an area that you could try, getting together different recipes for the different climate zones. If you look back at some of the biggest topics on here and the old other site, many conversations revolve around what to plant and at what rates/time of year.
Like Bullwinkle said, maybe getting non BOB seed that creates these recipes.

Good start and the best of luck
Probably just my computer, but the linked url doesn't work when I click on the link above or when I click on it via the FB page.
Thanks sm. Might be the the "secure" part of the domain. Try https://plottersedge.com/ and see what that does.

Buck, great idea. I got the same recommendation from my cousin. I'll see if I can build a tool that helps do that.

Everybody else, what other topics would you want to see added to the plotting resources section?
Also, if anybody has any pictures they'd be willing to share, I'd really appreciate it! I'm looking to post pictures for most of the topics, but am limited to what I currently have in my possession from prior years. If there are any sections that you have a picture for and would be willing to share it, I'd love to check it out and possibly post to the site! If so, pm me or email at plottersedgeweb@gmail. Thanks guys!!!
Provide some forum pages, and let the users build it for you. You'll have more traffic and photos than you'll know what to do with. Just be sure to disclose that you intend to use their pictures once they post them there.
Dan - this may sound odd, but I would suggest you take a look at many of the property threads/land tours and see if there is anything in those that that you can contact the OP about using or creating a "blurb" about specific projects......things you may or may not have as much experience with. Lots of folks out there with dirt on their hands experience with this stuff. Even if it's just to use pics. Just a suggestion.
Thanks guys, great suggestions. For the forums I thought about that too, but don't want to try to compete with this resource. And j-bird, I like the suggestion!
It's a terrible site! There's no place for people like me - with worse-than-black thumbs! You know, people that can kill plants from 100 yards with a scarcely disguised scornful look.

Ok seriously, I just started "Is Plotting it for you" and getting into "Beginner's Checklist" I'm hoping it helps. My first two attempts were worse than complete failures.