Pocket Light/bulb color/lumes/Battery series


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I was following a very interesting thread on one of the forums I was frequenting that one of the members did a very nice breakdown for dummies like me to understand hunting/tracking pocket/pack size flashlights ...now I cannot find it !@#$%^#

Anyway I retained that this Gent ... after owning all the different bulb/lens colors that the neutral white did the best job of showing deer blood ...second only to spray chemicals that enhances blood to certain light (UV?)

Also recalled multiple light levels very valuable to battery life as well as making brightness usable.

That side and not end (only) switch is desirable

That Lithium battery seems to be the best (Non-rechargeable/Chargeable ??)

So I am working on a "Santa List" for me ....you young bucks pay attention ....This better n getting socks n underwear!

So guys drag n Brag your lights that have done their job well for you please ...model numbers/models will helpful and please add any features you deem necessary and ones that are not

Yup ...that the one ...very good discussion and information ...never had to track any of the 3 deer I took this year ...but it will come as I am getting to where the cold in the AM is just not OK ...so I am becoming an evening hunter

I have done a few night tracks but fortunately they have been easy short tracks. Shot my buck this year with the crossbow with a good hour of light left. I keep 2 rechargeable spot lights in my truck and always have them with a full charge. I can charge them in the truck also. I also carry a light with me that connects to my 18V tool set. Have 2 batteries. Also have 2 headlamps. So I carry plenty of lights with me.
Figured out several years ago, that my LED headlamp made blood spots/drops sparkle like little diamonds at night. It has to be on your head. Headlights will do the same thing as long as your vehicle is high enough. I have seen it with a full size pickup, but not an ATV/UTV. I was told when I was younger, to take a lantern and hold it up by your head when tracking a deer. You need to wrap 1/2 of it in foil so it doesn't blind you. I figure the headlamps have the same effect.
My main "tracking light" is from my Dewalt 12 V battery powered tool kit. I hunt where I live so I go home to get it as it also gives the deer some time as well. I have two batteries and it's heavy, but it's what I use. I'm sure there are better ones out there.

I use a small green LED light that clips onto the bill of my hat for walking in the dark and on stand. The clips broke and I stuck adhesive backed velcro to the light and my hats so I can still switch it and it stays put. I carry a small spare white light just in case....and for my daughter. She feels safer with her own light....maybe because I turn the light off others wise :D!

My buddy bought one of those multicolor ones for blood trailing and boy was that a joke. He spent more time screwing with the light and trying to figure out which lens worked better than trailing.