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Not sure on this one either. Had a mulcher in a few months ago and this plant has practically covered the area mulched. The stem reminds me of pokeweed, except it is green, kind of like a young catalpa tree. Any help would be appreciated.


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It might be Pilewort (aka Fireweed). Look it up and let me know.

Thanks Native. That definitely looks like it, it has buds at the top just like the pictures. Have never seen it before, but it has completely took over the area that was mulched this year. Any wildlife value that you know of? Didn't see any evidence of usage, at least so far.

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The reason you are seeing it is because of the mulching. The seed can lay in the ground for decades waiting for an opportunity to germinate. It is an opportunist looking for some ground to open up and some sunlight.

It has no value whatsoever for deer or other mammals, but your Tachinid flies will love you for it.

It will gradually disappear after a few years as perennials take over the space.
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