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Ok, first time posting thread on this fancy place so I'll give this a try. Wasn't sure best place to put this but here goes. Two Aps that I want to alert people that are available and are handy. They have their limitations, but works decent for ID especially for trees. Now keep in mind, neither are as smart as Native or Massey and a few others on here but you might want to download them.

First tis the VTree ID ap from Virginia Tech. Works good, a little tricky to navigate at times and can email prof at VT with questions, even tho I've never done so. Pretty sure this is free.

Second, is a newer one I like better because it works smoothly and has amazing pictures. Can be set for scientific name or common and first or last name list. Also has a pop up pic guessing game that is kinda neat. It's called Leafsnap ap. I love it simply for clarity and size of pics and I know common names much better than the SN. I think this one might have cost 5-10$ Cant remember. You can take a pic and it will help ID also but I think it has to have white background. Just FYI.

Next maybe I can learn to do a pic. Enjoy

Here's a pic from Leafsnap. You can flip pic and it gives description. You can also change the icon of plant in upper id to show leaf flower nut etc

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Leaf snap is great. i got it a couple years ago just for fun. It works, but like you said, need the white background and I'm not sure they finished their database yet.
By far the best tool out there is free and it's just as easy. Google!!

The key with Google is, you have to learn what the parts of the plant are. If you know what a petiole is, and know the difference between an "entire" and "compound" leaf, chances are, your description will turn up on the first page of google images. Then, just tap on the image to get your answer.