Plan B


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I have been looking for a Winchester Model 70 short action receiver for a build. Well a .243 came up in a local auction and I ended up getting it. I didn't look at it too closely I must admit. Well it turns out it was a 1965 production original heavy barrel long action .243. So that shot my short action build. But I cleaned the gun up. It was filthy. And it cleaned up nice inside and out and the bore looked good. So it went to the gunsmith and he worked his magic.



Looks like it will shoot.

That is a beautiful find. Now the scope is sooooo long; what is the special purpose of it's length?
That's a sunshade screwed on the end of the scope. It's not needed 96.5% of the time.

I would need it more than that when the hay fields are cut if we still had a good population of groundhogs. But the coyotes have done their work.

I bought that gun out of the Shenandoah valley. I am sure it was originally bought for long range groundhog hunting.
Finally got a groundhog with an 87 gr. VMax.

I have been shooting out to 400 with the gun and have my dial ups worked out. There is a monthly varmint shoot at a local club shooting 100, 200, 300, and 400 and this should qualify in the factory class.