Pick a tree


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I have a east facing slope, choked with brush (AO and blackberry) and Sericia Les. I am thinking about killing out some spots with gly and putting in some tubed trees. Something native (or at least non invasive) that will grow quick, stay ahead of the trash and benefit wildlife. I will keep the tubes sprayed around a couple times of year. Opinions?
I like Sawtooth oaks but that is just my opinion. They grow quickly and greatly benefit wildlife and hold their leaves through winter as well...
Is your purpose cover or mast? If it is cover, no trees in my area provide cover and browse quite like Osage and locust. I used to battle these trees constantly due to the thorns, but as long as you keep them out of areas where you have to bring a wheeled vehicle, the advantages are many. They grow like mad. They tolerate drought very well. They provide nutritional browse for deer. Quail love them as well. Jumped a nice covey from under a locust today as a matter of fact. I know that these are not varieties that you usually hear about when people talk habitat, but I have excellent cover all across my farm now, where cattle pasture existed 7 years ago thanks to these two species.
Locust and plum are about the only native trees I have on this slope. I have knocked over a lot of locust in other areas of the place. Now that you mention Hedge I have miles of hedge rows around other fields that I could get plenty of seed stock from. I have planted some roughleaf dogwood and some chestnuts of varying types in this area. I have more chestnuts coming that I plan on putting in. I am hoping to add some fast growing oaks from the MDC order form. I hope if I can get them in tubes and keep the competition down I can out compete the SL.