Pic form my hunt the other morning


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Your picture is incredible; one can feel some of the excitement of your moment just seeing your picture of it. Thanks for sharing it. It sparked my memory of many moving scenes over the years and some stick out more than others. In one, I was hiking back in to a favorite fishing run one early fall morning to show some fishing guests a favorite salmon run spot and when we arrived we were the only people there. We experienced a sight different than your picture but like it in that it was a sunrise with the most simply surreal lighting and clear color contrasts; it was breathtakingly beautiful beyond description and our complete and full attention was drawn to it. And what one of the fisherman said that I was reminded of when I saw your picture was so true; "I hunt and fish because I love it but also because it brings me all over the place where I get to experience people and sights that I otherwise would not even know existed".

That fisherman was spot on.


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Very nice picture Andrew !

I think for most of us, experiencing the smells, the sights, the sounds, etc. is on a par with actually taking game home. At least it should be IMO. I for one, would not enjoy it nearly as much if in 15 minutes you could make your shot and load up to go home. Two of the best and most memorable out of state hunts I was ever part of were unsuccessful, if you only count success as meat in the ice chest. No shots fired, but I have many good memories. Just as many memories of successful hunts, local and not, but most of them had to do with the circumstances, the setting, or the companions involved. That's what makes the trip !