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It's a goal of mine to plant persimmons at my place. Quick question. The bare root trees are 2$ a peice here. They are obviously not known as male or female yet. When yall plant persimmons are you leaving them as roughly 50/50 in the field? Or are you grafting them all to female?

If you are grafting them, are you waiting out the years to discover if they are male or female? Or are you grafting all of them to female at a young age with female scions before you know the sex?



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Good questions.

  • You don't need 50/50. Just a few males scattered around here and there is enough. If you are in native persimmon country, you probably have some around that you don't know about. I would especially want females at places I can see from my deer stand, and I would want males along the trail I walked to and from the stand.
  • Some people like to go ahead and graft before they know the sex, and others wait and leave the females that occur naturally. There is no hard-fast rule on this. I'm doing a mixture of each method. One plus for going ahead and grafting is that you can use scion wood from a known cultivar and know the drop time and fruit characteristics. For instance, if you hunt a particular location in early bow season a lot, you could find an early dropping persimmon for that location.
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I grafted as soon as they were large enough to graft. All to females. I have a lot of natives on my land so plenty of male trees.