Persimmon sapling grafting advice


We planted 5 groups of persimmon saplings in areas spaced around our farm. Each group has about 10 trees. The trees are 3-4 years old and doing well, most extending out of the 5' tubes. Does anyone have any advice on strategy for managing these trees? In particular, I am wondering what would be a good long term grafting strategy to have optimal fruit production. I am not experienced with grafting but have read about it. Would it make sense to graft most of the trees now with scions from known fruit producing trees? Should we wait to graft until we see which trees produce and not? How many male trees are needed? Thanks for your input. Btown


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Welcome Brinktown. I would say you have a great plan going with the persimmon trees spread across your farm. I will allow those more experienced that I to assist you with this question.

Glad to have your here. :)

What state are you from?
Thanks wbpdeer! I owe most of you and Paul Knox a giant thank you for all of your wonderful contributions on the old forum. Never participated there, but you all brought me light years ahead of where I started. Native grass planting, food plots, hunting strategies, hinge cutting, tree planting, and more. I've been practicing Paul's food plot rotation for two years now and it's so productive I'm starting to feel we need to reduce acres in plots and add more cover. Looking forward to sharing some stories with you all.


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Welcome Brinktown! Plot looks great!

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I personally would let them get larger and then bark graft them - they need to be a minimum of 1" diameter to bark graft. You could graft them next spring but you would need to do a cleft or whip and tongue. I have had no luck grafting low then replacing the tube. So if you do that you'll need to remove the tube and cage. If you don't have any natives then you will need a few males for pollination.
Thanks dogdoc. I read your grafting techniques photos thread. Maybe I'll prune to promote a main trunk and when it reaches 1" diameter above the tube I'll bark graft above the tube.

There aren't any natives in the area that I know of, so will need to leave some of the trees alone or at least some original branches I guess.

Are there any recommended named American persimmons for scion wood for October/November fruit drop (NE Missouri)? Should we mix in some orientals or just stick with American?


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I personally would just stick with natives for deer. I can send you scions from a late dropping tree but the drop time might be a little different in your zone. Just let me know when they are ready for grafting .
Thank you dogdoc, will let you know.

Didn't think of this before, but I guess I can graft some trees with male scions, so I will be sure to have a few males in each group to pollinate the grafted females.

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