Persimmon input.....what % to graft?


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Im working on developing my propety and persimmons are going to be a part of it......I have grown a bunch from seed and plan to graft some of them to guarantee females.

My dilemma is how many should I be grafting? I know its a bit of a crap shoot, but should it be over 50%? Under?

Anyone that has lived by persimmon have any insight on the odds my trees are male/female?

Do you have any native persimmons? If so graft them all. If you don't I'd graft 75% of your seedlings to female .

I graft every tree that is grafting size on my place to females.
Persimmons grow like weeds on my farm. They are everywhere. My trees are loaded this year.
Persimmons are native to the southern parts of the state and I have seen them on other properties, but have not noticed any here......they may be around, but not many like some places.

I likely will graft 2/3 of them and see what happens.