Pelletized lime vs ag lime ratio


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I got my soil test results back from Whitetail Institute and it said I need 5625 lbs of Ag lime per acre. (Ph 5.3) I seen on a Google search University of Missouri says a 1:10 ratio for Pellettized lime vs Ag lime. I called Whitetail Institute they said subtract 15% from recommended Ag lime per acre. So my question is how much Pellettized lime per acre would you guys do?
It's a little complicated and it depends on the CCE of the AG Lime you can get (Calcium Carbonate Equivalent). Flip your bag of pelletized lime over and it should give you some guidance. In this case 1814 lbs of pelletized lime equals 2000 lbs of AG Lime, with a CCE of 90. An easy thing to do, would be to go with what your lime bag says and then retest your soil next year. Smarter people on here will have a better answer.

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I would do 2 3/4 tons of pellitized lime - or two or three. The recommendations and applications are not that precise. Lime is something that reacts over time. All now? At that pH you would benefit from split applications. The representation of your soil sample? Filled with lots of holes. So, why do we think we need to get so precise with lime? And, how is it that your recommendation is that definitive? Maybe they could add a couple decimal places too.

It can get as complicate as you want to make it....but its not necessary, especially when we working food plots.