Pear Variety?


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I know this is a shot in the dark...

I’m trying to figure out what type of pear this is. This is a pear on an old home place, as you can see by the trunk. Usually drops in August, pear is pretty bland and hard, but it could be that I tried it too early in years past. Still produces a good bit of pears and have deer under it every year. Thinking of grafting a few of the scions next year.

Any ideas of what variety?

Also, are the black leaves and fruit indicative of fireblight? If so, with it still living and producing fruit, would that mean it has a good resistance and could possibly used as rootstock?

Any input would be appreciated.



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Yes that is fireblight, but that old warrior is still ticking. Wouldnt let that keep you from grafting it. Could be a lot of different pear varieties, might even be just a unkmown seedling.
Thanks TC. I think I may graft it on to some rootstock next year and possibly grow some trees from the seed.

There’s no other pear around that I know of, so I guess it’s self fertile. I know there’s no real way of knowing, but I’m starting to think it may be an old keiffer, possibly.

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I was going to guess Keiffer. You can always tell where a old homestead used to be if you find trees like these (especially out in the middle of a pasture) as they never planted them very far away from the house. Find the trees and start looking for the old well or cistern cause I guarantee you it’s close by too.

We have several places on our property that have two or three of these types of trees and it’s always because an old house used to be close by at some point.


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Thanks Matt.

Yep, found 2 wells right in the same area.

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