Paw paw harvest


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Paw paw is a tropical fruit that grows in North America. Paw paw is tasty and interesting, but the local Paw paw drop in September and are quickly eaten by coons and other critters. The Paw paws I planted in 2008 are bearing fruit. The fruit is tastes like banana custard.

Do you pick them off the tree or do they have to drop first to be ripe? Can they ripen after being picked? I have no experience with paw paws but would like to plant some one day

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I have several Paw Paws at the house but they have yet to bear fruit. They are about 5 years old. I am told they don't usually bear fruit until at least year 7. How long did yours take to bear fruit ?
I have a lot of pawpaw naturally. Normally they never hit the ground because the coons get to them first. You want to taste something one of them before they are ready!

They will ripen after picked....similar to a banana. I try to pick them as they start to feel soft, but still somewhat firm. Then let them sit and the will soften and turn brown...just like a banana does.
I have a couple planted from seed that are 3 years old. No fruit yet. I collected a bunch of seed in the last few weeks and hope to start some more in the spring!