Ozonics ?


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Simply asking if it truly works or not ? I hunt from a treestand when by myself and a blind when I'm with my daughter, I've been debating on the Ozonics because this is the first year my daughter will be hunting with a crossbow so anything we shoot at will have to be within 30 yards. It's a pricey item so would like first hand experience. Thanks
Both my son and I use them. I don't use mine in a ground blind or a shooting house. I use mine exclusively in a tree stand.

It works - have had bedded deer get up when battery dies and it stops - they got the scent after that. 'nuff said in my book.
I have my eye on them but can't decide if it's worth the time and money. Do you take it to the stand and bring it back every time you hunt?

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Kenny that's exactly my thoughts, is it truly a smart investment.. And how often do the cartridges need replaced ?
I tried one and got headaches from it. I was not in a treestand but a shooting house with the windows open. I normally hunt high enough that I don't worry about scent other than entering or leaving the area.
Yes, Ozonics works. Used past 3 years. Doesn't completely eliminate human scent, but in la tests delayed detection 4x Longer than human sweaty shirt by itself, 44 seconds to 11 seconds; sprays & clothing fell in between. My ND outfitter furnishes each of the 3 bow hunters in camp a unit before leaving for stand; my Bow outfitter's in Ohio & Illinois each use & recommend Ozonic. I made believers out of 2 WI outfitter's. Was able to demonstrate effectiveness in unexpected field test experience one year without but using Ozonics in same stand following year, both times up wind from the tertiary crossing point from woods across into cornfield.
I'll be completing the Whitetail Slam this year, using my Xbow.
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I have one because my wife bought it for me a few years ago. I have not used it enough to give it an honest chance, but that changes this year. I am committed to using it each and every bow hunt. I am hunting a place where the wind is not reliable and bedding areas are in every direction, so I need all the help I can get !
Ozone works there is no doubt i have been thinking about adding one to my closet that is dedicated to hunting stuff. i spray down and wash everything with special scent free soap. The idea sounds good and should work well.
I bought an Ozonics unit last year. I'd say Dan Johnson from Nine Finger Chronicles podcast was the one who finally convinced me to spend the cash. He interviewed a guy who basically said that the Ozonics unit did such a good job at reducing his scent and allowing close encounters with deer, that he would buy a new one every year if he had to. Thankfully, they last a lot longer than a year!

I used mine for maybe 10 days of hunting last year. I never had a deer blow at me while I had it turned on. I had deer pass downwind inside of bow range, and they could sometimes tell something was up, but they never got so spooked that they blew at me. In fact, they never altered their direction of travel. One buck simply skirted around me at 30 yards instead of staying on the trail that would have put him inside of 10 yards from my tree. I still don't have enough experience with my Ozonics to say how MUCH of a difference it makes, but I feel confident that it definitely helps and does a better job than scent free spray, detergent, etc.