Opinions on Gear

Didn't see a specific forum. So I will post it here.

Tree stands are going up in the next month. Need opinions on a few things.

Anyone know a good online source an brand of tree steps to order.
Reasonably priced would be nice. Have to replace the climbing sticks for about 5 stands. So roughly 15-20 sections worth. Don't have to be anything to fancy. They will be on private, so no fear of theft. And need to be decently durable as they will be left up and loosened as need be in the offseason.

Also looking to get 2 new hang on stands.
Any new favorites out there for anybody, was looking at the muddies the other day. They look decent.

(side note, a gear/equipment sub forum would be neat)
Millennium Treestands are the only way to go. Only hang-on I will buy now. May be other brands with the same style seat, but the sling seat is where it's at. As far as sticks, I prefer the ones that don't have the alternating steps. I like them to have a step on both sides, all the way up.
I use a saddle instead of a stand... that way, I only spend money on a "stand" once and just have to prep trees with a saw. If you haven't ever seen one, just look up the New Tribe "Aerohunter" or the "Guido's Web". I use them in conjuction with climbing sticks or tree spurs (depending on property rules) and can typically be up to hunting height within 5-10 minutes of finding an un-prepped tree.
My dad got me my climber stand a few years ago and it's a summit viper classic and I love it. It's relatively light weight and easy to load up and hike through the woods. It's extremely comfortable and you can buy a lot of different accessories like side bags and foot rests. I have never tried another climber so I can't say it's better than another stand but I would definitely buy another one if I needed one