oats and rye

Urea is nice because it doesn't make the soil more acidic like other Nitrogen sources.
I don't always find a fertilizer necessary with oats or rye though.
The oats and rye should respond very nicely to a dose of urea.

It's rare for me to fertilize unless I am starting a new plot. Try my best to do good rotations to return nutrients back to the soil. I'm not competing with any Ag and I truly can't tell any difference when I do or don't fertilize (except on a pure brassica plot which I haven't planted in 10 years )
Thanks guys.I thought fertilizer sweetens the taste?
I don't know about that - it will help it actively grow and deer typically like an actively growing plant vs one that isn't. Oats and rye are grasses and all grasses that I am aware of respond well to a good dose of nitrogen and Urea is (46-0-0) so a 50 pound bag of urea is actually applying 23 pounds of nitrogen.
Thanks guys.I thought fertilizer sweetens the taste?

I used to think that also. Now no doubt proper soil nutrients will make a healthier plant that will produce better. Now if it actually "sweetens" the plant is debatable. Paul (LC) did a couple side by side test I believe with clover. He did a late summer fertilization with one side and no fertilizer. He noted no difference in the amount of browsing between the two.