Oak identification


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Attached are pictures of a few acorns and leaves I found on my NC mountain property this week. I think the big ones are white oak but wanted to ask the experts.


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The leaves are of some member of the red-oak family. The little "wiskers" on the tips of the leaves tell me that. other than that - it's not an oak I am personally familiar with.....look up what your native red-oak family members are and see if you can find something similar to the leaves you are showing. Sort of reminds me of a southern red oak.....but again I am not certain. Some of the acorns in your pictures I think may be from different trees as well......but that's again just an opinion.
I would say the top picture and the one in your hand are red oaks. And the other picture with the smaller acorns is black oak.
The deer are really hammering the larger acorns, maybe there aren't any white oak nearby?

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Could be or they are just really comfortable in that area. Always tough to say!
The more I look at your pictures I think that top one is a red crossed with something. Usually they are more rounded at the base like the ones in your hand. Might be the red and the black mixed together a little bit.....oaks are pretty promiscuous!