Not a recipe, but an idea...


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I got me a nice old doe last Sunday during our antlerless season, and decided to do something different. I made these venison tomahawk chops. Fairly simple, but a little time consuming. I am anxious to see how they turn out.

That brings me to my the "idea" part. Scott Rea is a British butcher with a YouTube channel. He often deals with wild game in his videos. When he speaks of venison, it is a much smaller deer, but the principles are the same. You should check it out. He has a lot of good content. One of his most useful videos takes you through the butchering process of a deer from head to tail. I tried it this year and I really do believe I got a much higher yield from my deer.
You're making me hungry! Thanks for the Scott Rea youtube link. He can sure cut up a deer quick and make it look easy. Love the line where he says the ribs look like they came off a "soup model".
You can make a fancy looking crown roast by leaving them together and tying the first rib to the last. Stuff with stuffing or whatever you like. I've done it once just for fun.
I cooked up a few of those chops a while back. Seared on a stovetop griddle. Served over roasted potatoes and smothered in a red wine pan sauce. Not for the feint of heart...