Northwest Florida Deer hunters


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Is January typically the time when the deer start moving in Florida? I just moved to the panhandle from the Midwest and boy is it slow right now.
Well hunting Deer here is a Whole New Ball Game.

They don't move like most Deer do, IE Out to Grain Fields in the Evening, Back to Bedding in the Mornings--- Unless you have out a Good Food Plot or live near a Farm.

Here they still move Morning and Night but they might bed Here tonight and a complete different location tomorrow night. They are (for me anyways on our 80 acre of Pine Tree Farm) extremely hard to pattern.

Oh and you might see them ANYTIME of Day. I see and my Cams show that when they want to they can be up moving at 11:00 am, 12 Noon, 1-3:00 pm ?????? Just Radom with no set pattern. Drives us crazy.

Woods are usually Very Thick so you will either need to clear out Lanes to See & Shoot or if you can make a 1-3 acre field and get a Plot going you will have a much better chance.

Best of Luck.
As to Rut and Rut Related Movement. I also hunt the West Panhandle Area in Washington Co. In This Area guys report that the Rut can be anytime from Mid December to Late February-- and it Totally Depends on where you are, as it actually varies by County and even spots within a county.

Our Area it seems to happen most in mid February.