Northern Whitetail Crabs


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I know NWC has been discussed in here before. I decided to try some. So far I have been impressed. Terry at NWC was good to deal with. Nice trees and impressive roots. One thing I didn't like was getting them so late but since they were coming from Pennsylvania I had to accept that. Time will tell. I like to experiment.



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Yes, I just got mine set yesterday. My trees had nice roots like yours and I was very pleased. I agree that Terry was a nice guy to talk with and deal with.
Dang, those are some of the best roots I have ever seen on a bare root.

What's interesting is that they won't reveal what the rootstock is. That turned a few people off about buying them, but I decided to take the plunge. It is supposed to make a full sized tree, which really appeals to me.

Another thing that appealed to me was that these are apples selected from wild trees which have good attributes relative to low maintenance, productivity and drop times. Really, the only question for me is how they will do this much further south. But lots of northern apple cultivars are grown successfully in the south. I bought a mixed selection of trees and feel that at least some, if not all of them will do well here.
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I bought crabapples myself. Not sure what they'll do in North MS. It's an experiment for me. I noticed these bur knots on the rootstock. I have seen this before on MM111 but it might occur on other rootstocks as well.


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