No till drill

Be careful guys. IMO these are complicated machines. I'd hate to buy a serial 001 from a new producer who got a well known sponsor. Surely could be wrong but going for a deal on a machine like this could be a huge regret
Seems like a lot of money for an unproven brand. When buying equipment always think about resale. Oddball brands are ten or twenty percent cheaper than name brand but have poor resale value and sometimes parts are difficult to get also.
I saw one of the first prototypes when I went to Grant Woods' Proving Grounds tour 2 years ago. Yes - the 10K price tag sounds about right, maybe a little more by now. While it was a fairly nice machine for the money it doesn't compare with the Land Pride/Great Plains machines which are considerably more $$, but much higher quality and engineering. I ended up buying the LP 606-NT last year and don't have any regrets whatsoever.
After talking to them, I found out they're setting up dealers to sell the equipment rather than only selling direct. Some of those dealers are posting on CL. I did find out they're not a new company. Just new to the outdoors. Their parent company has been manufacturing seeders and machines for golf courses and have been manufacturing since the early 80s. I think you guys are right on with the prices too.