No Mow May

Looking good. I really like those willows. Do they make a pretty good screen in winter?

Well it’s a combo thicket so can’t give all credit to the willows. But they have a multitude of odd shaped branches and i always surprise deer here even when driving up. Amazing only one of these trees existed in 200 yd swath just couple years ago. Bucks love rubbing them I suppose for their aeromatics Not sure yet if they will get out of control like a cedar. Some chainsaw may be in their future.

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You want to spend good money to WHI for seed to make a thicket?? Cancel the mower and let it occur naturally . Beautiful pollination blooms of all types arising from the seed bed.
Bees , butterflies , and a multitude of blooms. And soon milkweed by the hundreds attracting those elusive Monarchs.
Bedding? Natural free browse? You bet. Habitat management affects more than deer if done properly.
And if you look close this years fawn in the background. Whine about predators? Make their life difficult and your problem is solved.
I dare you try to walk thru this.





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What should be the post? Native habitat or food plot. The former in the foreground and latter / clover in mid ground w native in background. I love fall and it’s natures seeding.

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