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Here are a few questions/dilemmas I have:

1) I have winter rye plot on low fertility soil. It’s sparsely cover the soil with lots of gaps and visible soil/small rocks. Should I just let the rye grow and go to seed? I’m planting buckwheat there in a few weeks.
2) I have a clover plot planted last fall with rye and frost seeded a few weeks ago. It looks fairly good with minimal exposed soil. The rye is minimal but visible and growing. Let it go like question 1?

Also, I put gly on a new plot that was covered in leaves and mountain laurel. Very small amounts of weeds. I nuked them two days ago but don’t see any wilting. How soon should I see the gly’s effects?
1) I would leave it. The buckwheat I have planted in the past does best with a light discing so I would think sparse rye wouldn’t affect that too much.

2) Is this going to be a perennial clover plot? If it is you should be fine. If you are going to follow with a crop you don’t want volunteer rye in you may want to terminate.

That’s just what I would do. A lot of other guys on here with more experience may have a better idea.