New To Kansas - Lease HELP


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I am new to Kansas, live in Wichita. I have hunted lease and public land over 40 years in Arkansas.
I am looking for a place to hunt deer mainly. I prefer a lease but open to public land also and willing to drive several hours. I know it is probably too late to find a spot for this year but if anyone knows of a place to lease or your group has an opening I would like to speak with you about that. I have bow hunted but mainly hunt muzzleloader and rifle. I have all my own stuff and I like every aspect of the hunt including work days and helping other hunters to prepare their area and blood trail/track wounded deer is my specialty.
I think I could be an asset to your group if you have an opening.
There are several leases on craigslist and there are a couple organizations that have ground to lease in several states
I think you'll find that club/group type leases aren't as common in Kansas as in Arkansas. I don't know of a single one in my area and I've never even heard it discussed. Leases are common, but it's usually a person getting some ground for the family to hunt.
Maybe it's different in southern Kansas though.
Look at the Walk In Areas. Kansas has a lot of them and they are good spots. Look for the smaller, out-of-the-way pieces.