New Remotely Activated Hog Trap Gate


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My brother and I recently finished another hog trap gate. He was in charge of welding everything up and I was in charge of the electronics piece and getting that part of it to work. Our first gate was built 5-6 years ago and was a saloon style gate but it was too small and not very wide. So we decided to build a wide guillotine style gate and use gravity to our advantage instead of having to rely on Springs used with the saloon style gate. Here’s a pic of my brother welding it up.


Here’s a pic of the gate installed on our trap with the cell control box. Trap consists of 8 sixteen foot cattle panels in a big circle held up with tee posts every four feet. There are also cattle panels that have been cut in half lengthwise that line the bottom half of the trap that are staggered to make the holes in the panels smaller. If you didn’t do this, smaller pigs could get out. We’ve had this happen before with other traps.

The control box consists of a GSM switch that uses a cheap Tracphone account on the AT&T network. The switch activates a relay when you call then hangs up on you so it doesn’t use any minutes on your cell plan. So you can have the most basic plan as long as you have some minutes on it it’ll work. Cost is about $10 a month. The relay activates another electronically controlled latch that releases the gate. A 15 watt solar panel keeps all electronics running 24/7.


There is a cellular activated video camera that is mounted on the opposite side of the trap that looks back toward the gate. A solar panel keeps camera running 24/7. Here’s how everything works...

Camera senses motion, takes a pic, sends me a email alert with pic attachment. I decide if I want to log into camera to view high res streaming video of whatever caused the alarm. If I was to act on it. I dial the number to the trap and the gate drops. Here a pic from a recent catch



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Love it. I remember your previous setup, about the time I was having hog issues. While I am glad to not have issues now the catching process was fun!
We took out about 10 at once in this catch. Several of them were females too that would have no doubt bred back and had their first litters of their own in 3-6 months. So it was good to catch these.

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I really need one, but no cell service and intermittent flooding would render it unsuable at my place. Glad to see that homemade ingenuity put to good work.
Like I said, I really need one. This picture just came in from my cell camera.

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Matt, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you post up exactly what and how you installed your switch and latch. And where you bought them. I’d like to do that on my corral trap. Thanks !
Matt, if it isn’t too much trouble, could you post up exactly what and how you installed your switch and latch. And where you bought them. I’d like to do that on my corral trap. Thanks !

Well I could maybe make a video next time I’m down there at the trap. I really don’t have anything drawn up as far as a schematic or anything. Just put it together as I went along. I purchased almost everything from Amazon. The latch came from eBay because it was cheaper there.

I’ve kind of been hesitant from making too many videos on my hog trap controllers or showing what’s inside the control box because I’ve had issues with people taking my ideas and turning around and profiting off of them. Not saying anyone has done that on here but it’s happened when I’ve posted stuff on Facebook and on my YouTube channel.


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Just caught 10 the other day now these have moved in. Just need them to start coming to the trap. Right now they are going to my deer feeder and haven’t found the trap feeder yet.


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