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Hi all,
I am a new land owner setting out to develop 60 acres of wooded property. I have been touch with my local QDMA contact that sent me to check the forum out.

Currently reading: Food Plot Success by Design, by Jeff Sturgis

I am Using Google Earth for planning designing of food plot locations.

Have a VDOF forestry plan.

Forest thinning and plot cutting later this year.

So hello to you all and feel free to lend you advice from your own adventures.


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Welcome to the forum."Forest thinning and plot cutting" It sounds like you are on the right track. Deer habitat takes time, new fields take several years to get into shape, but it's a fun and rewarding process. Post some pictures sometime.
Your QDMA contact sent you here? That is funny! Not sure you are aware, but QDMA HAD a forum like this.....but they shut it down and thus spawned other forums to pop-up. I won;t go into why it was shut down, but they closed a very valuable resource and outlet for many folks like us here. Any way - glad to see you and welcome.

Other good reads if you have not done so already are "Quality Food plots" and the other "success by design" series books by Mr. Sturgis - especially his "Whitetail success by design" - which deals with designing a property layout for hunting success. Another good source is Steve Bartylla - Steve has a very "down home" way about him and he knows his stuff as well.
Welcome New Timber! The joy is in the process. As J-bird recommended read those books and many others. Get up to complete speed with the understandings of today. Knowledge and paradigms of today will change with time but with today's knowledge in hand you are not apt to need to redo in the future the improvements made in the next few years.
Welcome Sir ! Lots of knowledgeable folks on this site. I learn something almost every day.
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