Neighbor is having some walnut trees cut, Big $$$$$$


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I never realized Walnut trees were worth so much. My Neighbor is having a 100 big trees cut at a potential profit of $100,000.00......

He mentioned checking my woods out, which we did. I have a total of 10 mature ones I may have cut since the logger will be next door.

Anyone else ever cut walnut? Any advice?
BIG money down here. Especially if big enough for veneer. Stumps make gun stocks I think.
Big money plus cutting Walnut trees improves deer habitat, since Walnuts produce nothing for deer.
Keep us updated on your trees and progress. I have loads of walnut in the bottoms thatll be ready to.cut in the next 15-20 years.:)
Right now i have a few trees 24" dbh, and many others 14"-16".
^^^ Same here, they want my red and whites but could care less for walnuts. I sure would like to get rid of a bunch of them for money. Keep us posted. Walnuts are also dealing with disease issues much like oaks, and I'm seeing some of them beginning to show signs of death.

In my area walnut is THE prime hardwood.

You will have a hard time finding someone to take interest in just 10. Strike while the iron is hot and while that logger is next door. They can quickly get in and out and be done with it. 10 trees they can have done in a 2 hours tops if all goes well. If you don't, you have to worry about having enough other trees to interest a logger all on your own and that may or may not be possible. Many small property owners have issue with this. Not that this is your case (I don't know) but it can be an issue for some. They don't do much for deer but squirrels like the nuts, but that's about it. I had my place cut for essentially just walnut over the summer. I don't miss them. Only reason they where not cut the first time was because the value was down at the time. The newly available sunlight will also give the understory a jolt as well......all good things.
It was said back 40 years ago in my Ann Arbor township MI neighborhood that a good veneer log was worth $3000. Valuable enough that tree trunks walked off during the night.

I've had this in my shop since March 2014:



I would ask him after he gets paid if he got that much.I did a walnut harvest of 75 trees and several of those looked really good but after felling them they had rot up to 10 ft deep.I had 1 veneer tree and it was worth 1000.00.I was doing a 50/50 split and we each got 10K.I suppose some areas have more veneer trees or some might prune to create them.My forester told me alot of people wait to long to harvest and trees are just like any crop,you leave in the field to long and you lose quality.Midwest walnut in MO is who ended up buying mine.They trucked them to rail head and shipped to MO.Neat fact,they said they could cut veneer so thin you could overlay a business card and read the card through the veneer.Never saw it but thats what he said.I left all my tops and the stumps resprouted.Those planks look good.I had one tree planked and let dry then had a local guy build each one of my daughters cedar lined walnut chests,should be a very nice family heirloom.
I'm kinda shocked that a 100 "big" trees are only bringing $100K. I know a buddy that sold a single tree for $6000 a few years ago.
Veneer trees are the only ones worth the big money.I am not an expert only doing one walnut harvest but the forester that was helping me from the state said that there are 2 different ways either put out for bids which can make price come in lower because they are taking a chance what is good.The other is what I did where they cut and laid out the logs then the buyer came and graded each log to figure board feet then wrote each of us a check for the same amount.I hope for your sake the price has gone up.
I'm kinda shocked that a 100 "big" trees are only bringing $100K. I know a buddy that sold a single tree for $6000 a few years ago.

That had to be a very nice tree! Veneer can go anywhere between 3$ to 9+$ a bf. You don't see many 6k trees hit the mill.
Veneer grade timber is a very special thing. It requires steady growth rates, protection from winds, bullets and other damage and disease and of course age/size. Veneer trees are the B&C bucks of our hunting world. They are out there, but they are not common at all.