Native Plum from seed project


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Hello experts,

As some of you may remember, I found a group of about 20 native plum trees on my farm. I was pretty excited to say the least.


This past weekend I picked 10 and decided to try and grow them from seed. Ambitious task? Maybe. I’ve never tried anything like this but I’ve been planting 5-6” apple trees last couple years. I figured this would be a nice early drop compliment.

First of all, they tasted absolutely delicious.

I did some research and am following directions best I can. I got the seed/pit out and I’m wrapping them in moist paper towels. From there they go into the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks for stratification.


From there they’ll go in pots until spring!

Has anyone tried this? Any pointers? Wish me luck


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Good luck, I'll help eat some! I'm not an expert on the subject but you could consider grafting some on a better root stock.
Throw them whole over loose dirt and cover. Cover 100, I’ll have darn near 100 sprout. Fence if rabbits are a threat. Let them grow a year and ull b digging up 2’ whips. No need to clean them either, too much work and not necesssary
What if they ferment some? I grabbed a bag of native plums, set them down in the shop, and promptly forgot about them for a while. When I remembered them and checked they had fermented (smelled very much like wine). Will they still germinate or does the fermentation of the fruit damage the seed?
Give me 6 week or so and hopefully we have an update. A reminder would be nice around October 15th!!! Hahaha

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Well I wanted to give you guys an update on the 9 plum pits that I “planted” in solo cups in mid October. It’s probably been 3 weeks and we have sprouts in about 6 of 9 of them. The jury is still out on if this is going to work but here’s a pic!IMG_0257.JPGIMG_0258.JPG

I’ve never tried this so if I’m doing anything wrong, let me know!

Hopefully we will have something to transplant to the farm by spring!

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