My Western KY. Farm

Dennis Duffy

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Well hope you enjoyed the intro! Hopefully God willing i will add to the tour! Thanks for looking so far! And Thank You Todd for the kind words! That dog leg is a killer now that the groceries are there to make them stop. Before that they cruised across it pretty quick making it very hard to get a shot!

Native Hunter

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Dennis, you have something very special there. Your land is great, and you are in an area where the deer are awesome. Looks like you are all set up with everything you need. Looking forward to your future pictures.


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What a great looking piece of land and the house looks really nice also. Nothing like a hot shower and warm bed after a long day hunting.


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I remember this thread from the old qdma forum. Did you sell the camper? Did you get the title for it?

I almost drove over to get that camper when you listed it for sale :)

Dennis Duffy

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I actually gave the camper to the neighbor down there that watches the farm when i am not there. He has done so much for me since i have had the property it was the least i could do!