My October buck

Jeff H

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Got my October buck back last week. Pretty happy with the short turn around time. Good quality work too.
I shot this buck on October 21st at 6 pm. It was a Sunday. I did not get a full pass through and with fading light waited 2 hours and called for backup. My backup and current member here Brent showed up at 9pm after hosting a church gathering /bon fire at his home. We tracked from one miniscule blood drop to the next. Recovered him at 11pm less than 100 yards from where he was shot. Then drug him out or I should say drug him up. All up hill 700-800 yards to the truck. Made it home at 2am. Back in the office at 7am. They say a good friend will help you move but a REALLY good friend will help you move a body! Brent's a Really good friend. Brent is also credited with the photography at the recovery site.
Not a monster but a pretty good buck for these parts.
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