My 70 acres

Rare breed

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I have had my 70 acres for 12 years now and have converted it from nothing to a white tail paradise. I have made many mistakes yet learned so much. I was an extremely active member in previous QDMA forum. The people on that forum over the years along with all the great books I have read from members on that forum have helped me so much

If someone cann tell me how to post pictures I will be glad to give back with pictures showing what I have learned many times the hard way

Thanks. Love the new forum
I use a free photo hosting site and then just link the pics. You can also directly upload the pic to the thread but it is size dependent.

glad you found us
If you like posting directly from your cell phone like I do then the tap a talk app we have will be perfect for you...
If the image is on your desktop or laptop you can just click on "Upload a File", then you find the image on your computer you would like to use and select it and if it is of a loadable size it will download and you can then choose to either post it as a Thumbnail or Full Image... I prefer Full Image2014 deer and turkeys.JPG ...