My 70 acres of paradise in Pine Mountain Georgia

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:):)I have learned so much in trial and error. Our forum friends along with my reading books from experts I respect have taught me the following
1. I built a state wildlife plan first at no cost to me with the goals for Deer and Turkey
2. Based on the plan I turned 8 acres from my total of 70 into food plots
3. Don't ever under estimate the work required to turn 8 acres of woods into food took me three years from start to finish getting the ph to 7.0.
4. Soil test each year, apply lime 3 to 6 months tilled in before any planting
5. Never "clean the table" of all food in between all times I have 3 acres in year round food then 3 acres for Spring Summer plots and 2 acres Fall kill plots
6. My stands are in place year round since I know the deer movement on my land...I almost never "roam" my land any more due to my desire to keep my scent out of the woods
7. Never believe anyone who thinks you can eliminate all scent...I wear scent blocker clothing head to toe keep all my equipment including weapons and stands including pull ropes scent free but a deer directly upwind of you will smell you...however the value in my scent work has been in a swirling wind I gain that extra moment to make the shot of a lifetime

Hope the above helps someone
Without pictures, it's all BS LOL :D:D:D

But seriously, solid advice there. Glad you found your state wildlife plan helpful. While good guys, mine really didn't have the knowledge or interest to help with my goals.