Moultrie Modem


Hello all,
As we get closer to opening day in KY and my first food plot continues to come up I have placed a Moultrie modem and M990I and solar charger overlooking the plot to see what happens! I have spent an untold fortune on "trying" to keep the small herd on my 106ac which I know is a hard thing to do. My hopes are that the food plot will help with the supplemental corn during the winter months as we are supposed to get hammered this winter with snow and cold temps - the darn full black wollyworms are crossing the roads everywhere.

So.... my question is who has this setup and does it work? I am concerned that the limited access for cell signal in this area of KY will limit my connectivity. Not a cheap setup and i used Verizon for the connection. I have friends with the spy point ones and others, moultrie has been very good to me with their customer service. Are there any tricks to helping connect? The app is pretty easy to navigate, now i just need some pics!!!

thanks alot everyone - lets hope for some cooler weather and alittle rain - sure would help my plot.
This 3G set up has been great. I'm still hunting for this guy.
I've had this camera out, going into its fourth month and battery
charge is at 90%.
We don't have Verizon service here in Canada yet, so I can't use the Moultrie Modem.
Which is to bad for me, I was looking forward to using one, maybe next year they have
more than one service provider.