Morning or evening

My records show we kill more deer in the evenings.....but we historically hunt more then as well. We used to hunt a lot after work in the early season.

This may or may not make sense or even be true so bear with me. I like to hunt mornings in the early season.....I think the deer move with the cooler night temps and morning the day heats up the deer activity drops and even the evening temps are not cool enough. In the middle of the season I hunt all day as much as I just never know what is going to happen. I'll sit thru the heat of the day in the hope of a cruising buck passing thru. I have had some odd things happen at times when I thought the deer wouldn't be moving in the rut.....and they involve nice bucks. Later in the season I focus on late morning and into the evening - I see more deer as the temps rise in the afternoon and into the evening. It seems I see the best activity when the temp is 30 to 50 degrees roughly.

I figure if it was me out there in my heavy hunting coat when would I want to move. When it's hot, I'll move when it's the coolest. When it's cold, I'll move when it's the warmest......and when it's time to get some.....well, anytime is a good time!
If I am hunting big woods which is about 99% of the time mornings are by far better for me...hunting plots or fields it's better evening...
Easily 80% or more of my mature deer taken bow or gun were between 9:30-10;30. Not sure why but I tend to hunt ridge tops and I think they cruise thru scent checking after does are bedded. Yet I hunt evenings more, time wise.
I'm probaby 50/50. I have shot equal amounts but I do tend to see more deer in the evenings. I just hate tracking in the dark. Afraid the boogie monster is gonna get me.
I personally don't have a deer on the wall from a morning hunt. The largest 2 bucks I've seen were both in the evening. Mornings seem to suck for me.
I have 9 morning bucks on the wall I considered worthy of mounts and my only evening buck I killed October 2nd that is worthy is at the taxidermist... looking back I have only taken 5 evening bucks and over 60 bucks killed in the's different when you aren't sitting watching a field or food plot and you can only see 50 yards max in an open area...
Mostly mornings for me but I have always hunted mainly big woods. Very few fields or food plots over the years so evenings were less productive.

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So as a follow up question, do you guys hunt all day? Or do you leave late morning and come back in the afternoon? Is there a certain time in the morning that deer typically stop moving?
I can't sit in one stand all day but can usually stay from pre sunrise till mid day/early afternoon. On Saturday i sat my morning stand until 2:30PM. Saw a spike at 10:00AM and 3 does at 1:00PM.

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I have 8 bucks either mounted or european. 7 came on morning hunts.
I see 50% more deer in the mornings.
I will likely sit all day Wed after the cold front, but i dont like to do that much.
Mornings hands down are best for me, early evening is best for my guests that like to watch fields;I prefer to be in the timber/brush .
I like the afternoons and/or evenings. Only because I like to sleep in and don't get up to hunt mornings except on opening weekend of the WI gun deer season. Most of my friends who hunt with me show up for an afternoon hunt. I watch food plots and apple trees, so that is when the deer seem to be moving to those food sources.