Morning glory


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Here is a new one to me. I live in metro Atlanta and we have quite a few deer running around here. I live on a 0.6 acre lot in a neighborhood near a large golf community so we have more than our share of deer and they have plenty of food options. However, I've noticed something really neat. Every year I plant a garden in my backyard--always okra and peas but occasionally add tomatoes or jalepenos. And every year I have deer visit my garden. They NEVER touch the peas (a very strange thing to me) but will eat the okra and sometimes the other stuff. What they do hammer is the poke weed, partridge peas, ragweed, blackberries, and other things that come up around the edges. The interesting thing I have noticed this year is I have a TON of morning glory plants coming up around the edges and the deer are HAMMERING it. Has anybody ever noticed deer eating morning glory
Tommy - Interesting on the morning glory. I"ll have to look closer next trip to farm to see if I notice any browsing.