Morel infected trees grow faster?


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I’ve done a little reading around the Internet about morels, and I’ve learned that they can form bonds with trees and that is often why they are found around certain trees. Some sites even say that trees bonded with morels grow faster.
So my questions... has anyone ever successfully “infected” a tree with morels? Any truth behind this bond making a healthier tree?
I used to wash morels in creek water, put it in a hand sprayer, and walk around the woods spraying it everywhere. I noticed zero effect on anything in the following yrs. The morel/tree relationship is symbiotic so it should help trees absorb nutrients that they couldn't already absorb so in theory they "should" be healthier. I believe that if you have morels in the area that their spores have found their way to every nook and cranny possible. As soon as a mushroom is up the spores are released by the millions and carried through the air everywhere. It's likely that all the trees that can be a host have been infected already. Just my reasoning though with no backing.
I know I like finding morel-infected trees. Got a few secret spots in Nebraska around groves of burned cottonwoods.