Memorial Day...


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Today is a day to reflect on those who gave their lives protecting us and our way of life. Also a time to remember those who passed that were a part of our lives in some way whether family we knew personally or who passed before our time or friends we have lost...

Over the past couple weeks we have visited some cemeteries decorating and reflecting and the flag has now gone up for the summer...good time to reflect on good times with those who have passed...


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You're spot on Okie, dogghr, Lak and weasel;without the heroes who have fought so hard for freedom, it would not exist for us to enjoy and we hold all those before us in great esteem along with all those we have lost and miss dearly. And also lets be sure to tell those still here while we are still here how important they are to us. And that includes all on this forum, the newer guys that just read for now and those that regularly post; You all add to my enjoyment of our great shared passion and are very much appreciated.